Before you can Sync your device you need to Download AND Install the Sync App, then plug your device in

Register a new device


You can download the Sync App from our website under DOWNLOADS or use the link below:

Select either the WIN DOWNLOAD or MAC DOWNLOAD depending on what operating system your PC uses.

Your browser may prompt you to Open, or SAVE or DOWNLOAD the file.  

Install the Sync App:

Double Click on the downloaded file and your browser will ask you if you wish to Run, Install or Open the file as in the example below. Confirm that you wish to do so.

A Software Installation Wizard will launch that looks like the image below:

You must tick the box to accept the terms in the License Agreement in order to be able to Install the Sync App as shown below:

Follow the installation steps until you are advised that the Software is successfully installed.

Plug-in your device.

Next, plug the USB cable supplied into the small USB port on your GPS device and the other end into a normal USB port on your computer.

If the Sync App is correctly installed the LED on the device will light up BLUE, and then change to RED to indicate it is communicating with the server.

A pop up window will appear on screen as follows:

The Sync App is now successfully installed and your data will upload as normal.