In order to view Off-road Trips from the Trip List page you must have (or have had) an Off-road RUC Report Subscription.

If you have checked your account (ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTIONS & BILLING) and can see a RUC Subscription, then your subscription needs to be renewed.

If you have claimed RUCOR refunds previously, it is most likely that you were using Tracking Zones previously, please see the information below:


Your account uses Tracking Zones, not the additional Off-road RUC Report Subscription, so you will not see actual trips when clicking on the heading "View Off-road Trips" on the Trips page.  You will see your off-road or "Tracking Zone" trips when you download a Tracking Zone Report on the REPORTS page. 


 You will need to capture current odo readings, and new RUC Licences on this page, you can see how to do this here: 

GPS LOG BOOK   How to capture a RUC Licence

Once you have captured these, you can download the RUCOR report for submission to NZTA (for licences with claim values) by following the steps detailed here: 

GPS Log Book   How to Generate a RUCOR Claim Form

We hope this helps to resolve your query.