You can use a Geo-fence to identify a start or end point of a trip in Trip History and reports as well as use the location to trigger alerts when trips start or end in Geo-fences.

There are 3 ways to access the Create Geo-Fence function:

1. Main Menu 

As shown below, click on the Geo-Fence Icon from the Main Menu. 

Tip: Access the main menu at anytime by clicking the logo in the top left corner!

2. Top Menu Bar

Click on "Admin" in the top menu and then click on "Geo-Fences" as shown below

3. Manage Trips View

Create Geo-Fences directly from the Manage Trips screen using the Geo-Fence icon as shown below

All of the above will take you to the Create Geo-Fence page, as shown below:

You can enter the following information:

Name: enter a meaningful name for your Geo-fence

Comment: enter a comment or description of the location our your activities

You can also use the Search function to look up an exact location.

Then draw a Geo-Fence by clicking points on the map with your cursor that define the Geo-Fence area as shown below.

Complete the shape by clicking back on the start point as indicated by the arrow below.

Once you have closed the shape you can edit it by clicking and dragging any of the white circle points.

You will notice that the example shape below is larger than the actual customer site.  This is in order to include vehicles that are parked across teh road outside of the Geo-Fence.

Once you have closed and finished editing your points you can click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Whenever a vehicle travels to this Geo-Fence you will see the Name you inserted (instead of the street address) on the Manage Trip View and any Reports as show below:

Tips: A number of useful tips are included in the image below: